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The First Slovak "Elder"

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

It is truly a blessing to see and meet a Buddhist monk, epecially, in a non-buddhist country. Bhante Sati Santikaro is the first and the only Thera ("Elder") of the Slovak origin. We are very happy to provide the necessities for Bhante's stay in Santikaram Association Slovakia during the vassa (the rainy season). This summer is already the 15th vassa for Bhante but the first vassa that Bhante will spend in his homeland (Slovakia).

Venerable Sati Santikaro Thera at Santikaram Association Slovakia

You may like to read a short bio about Bhante Sati Santikaro Thera at his blog The memoirs of a wandering monk.

Anyone who would like to cultivate the perfection of generosity (dāna-pāramī), make merits and support Bhante is welcome to send a donation online at our Support page.

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