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About Us

Santikaram Association Slovakia

    is a non-profit association interested in the cultures, values, philosophy and religion of Southeast Asian countries, aiming on a sustainable, naturally balanced and peaceful life.

  The aim of Santikaram Association Slovakia is to promote and support the cultures of Southeast Asia, their values and cultural and philosophical richness in Central Europe on two levels – in the form of activities aimed at European society and in the form of direct and targeted support of immigrants from Southeast Asia. Through its activities, Santikaram Association Slovakia promotes a healthy lifestyle in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and with the regard to the preservation of natural resources, as well as with the respect for fundamental human rights and strengthening the integration of immigrants into society in all relevant dimensions.

   Santikaram Association Slovakia is a legal entity registered under the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic on 7th July 2022, with official ID 54681294.


Board of Directors

Venerable Sati Santikaro Thera

Ven. Sati Santikaro Thera

Founder and Chairman

Venerable Sati Santikaro is a graduated teacher and a Theravada Buddhist monk ordained in the Burmese and Thai monastic traditions. After 15 years of serious training in the monastic order and traveling around the countries of Southeast Asia, Bhante decided to return to his native region in Central Europe where he established Santikaram Association Slovakia and Santikaram Forest Temple.

The monastic name Sati Santikaro can be translated as "Mindful Peacemaker". And it is precisely these two wholesome qualities of mind – peace and mindfulness – that Bhante constantly develops and that he teaches the others.

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Michal Viskup

Michal Viskup


Michal is a lifelong rock climber and devoted mountain lover. As an enthusiast of both types of climbing (traditional and sport climbing), he possess many great qualities, such as confidence in one's own ability, precise concentration, the ability to accept and deal with fear and suffering, the ability to manage doubts, or to visualize success in detail.

Michal is a manager of a successful company Anatomic, which deals with the construction of climbing walls and climbing holds. In addition, he is also an eternal improver in constant motion, a happy husband and father of three sons.

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