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TA3 interview with Buddhist monks
Dhamma discussion

2. offers consultations on self improvement and advices on healthy lifestyle, as well as on the personal and spiritual development; 

Dhamma friends meditation

4. offers help and assistance to immigrants and refugees from the Southeast Asian countries as well as from other countries of the world;

Offering food into the alms bowl for a Buddhist monk

6. offers the premises of its meditation and recreation centre Santikaram Forest Temple for sublease to individuals and groups. For more informations, photos and prices, click HERE.

Santikaram Association Slovakia

1. provides informations concerning the cultures, values, philosophy and religions of the Southeast Asian countries;

Dhamma Friends Bratislava Slovakia

3. organizes meetings, seminars, workshops, cultural and religious ceremonies, group and individual meditations;

Thai monks and devotees

5. provides material support and assistance to Buddhist monks, organizes collections and funds for homeless and people in need.

Santikaram Forest Temple

Santikaram Association Slovakia offers many social services for its internal members, sponsors and guests, as well as for the immigrants and refugees from abroad.

Services for everyone

Let’s Work Together

If you are interested in our social services or if you would like to participate on our activities, you are welcome to contact us.

Santikaram Association Slovakia 

Stranske 290

013 13 Stranske

Slovakia, EU

Tel: +421 950 411 159

Tel: +421 905 838 074

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