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Become One of Us

Would you like to become a member of Santikaram Association Slovakia? Would you like to take part (free of charge or with a membership discount) in interesting events of the association, to participate on its activities, or even to influence the functioning of our association with your membership vote? (Read the list of membership benefits below.)

In that case, the membership of Santikaram Association Slovakia is created just for you. We offer the opportunity to register as a full member of our association.

All you have to do is download the application form, fill in your personal data, sign the document and send it by post, or by e-mail (as a scanned copy to, or deliver it in person to our address:

Santikaram Association Slovakia

Stranske 290

013 13 Stranske

Slovakia, EU

The membership fee for the whole year is 60 EUR and it can be paid immediately (or no later than 15 days from the delivery of the application form) either via online transfer to our bank account, or in cash at the residence office of the association.

Bank account name: Santikaram Slovakia

Bank account number/IBAN: SK9611000000002948131901


Note to recipient: membership 2024

Address: Stranske 290

               013 13 Stranske

               Slovakia, EU

Address of the bank: Tatra banka, a.s.

                                  Hodzovo namestie 3

                                  811 06 Bratislava 1


You may also pay

the membership fee via link payme

or via QR code.

TatraBanka payme.png

The List of Membership Benefits:

1. The members of Santikaram Association Slovakia (hereinafter referred to as "members") may join the 1-day events organised by the association free of charge.

2. The members may join the 2-3 days events with a discount 50%.

3.  The members may join the 4-7 days events with a discount 25%.

4. The members may join the 7-14 days events with a discount 15%.

5. The members are always granted the benefit of priority (when organizing events, members of the association always have priority).

6. The members can make an appointment and have a private conversation with a teacher/monk present at the Santikaram Forest Temple at any time.

7. The members may take a private lessons or meditation sessions with the teacher/monk free of charge.

8. The members may participate on internal activities of the association (e.g. A Joly Good Time, Solstice Magic, Full Moon Tea Party, Summer Bonfire, etc.).

9. The members are allowed to vote on the General Assembly with their membership vote.

10. The members may be elected as the members of the Board of Directors or as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, and from their post influence the functioning and direction of the association.


You may download the Membership application form and the Statutes

of Santikaram Association Slovakia directly from this page.

Click on the picture to open and download the PDF file.

In English

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Bahasa Indonesia

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