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       Santikaram Association Slovakia is a non-profit association interested in the cultures, values, philosophy and religion of Southeast Asian countries, aiming on a sustainable, naturally balanced and peaceful life.

      The aim of Santikaram Association Slovakia is to promote and support the culture of Southeast Asian countries, their values and cultural and philosophical richness in Central Europe on two levels – in the form of activities aimed at the European society and in the form of direct and targeted support of immigrants from Southeast Asia. Through its activities, Santikaram Association Slovakia promotes a healthy lifestyle in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and with the regard to the preservation of natural resources, as well as with the respect for fundamental human rights and strengthening the integration of immigrants into society in all relevant dimensions.


Santikaram Association Slovakia offers many social services for its members, sponsors and guests, as well as for the immigrants and refugees.

Santikaram Association Slovakia provides informations concerning the cultures and values of the Southeast Asian countries, offers consultations on personal and spiritual development and self improvement, helps and assists to immigrants and refugees, organizes cultural meetings, group and individual meditations, proposes advices on healthy lifestyles, and much more.


Currently, there are a few interesting ongoing projects covered by Santikaram Association Slovakia. The association would like to welcome everyone to join and participate on these projects.

Feel free to choose the project that suits your character and potential:

1. Santikaram Forest Temple

2. Lectures & Workshops

3. Immigrant Assistance

4. Support for Monks

5. Santikaram Souvenirs

6. Forest Park


Let's read some good news from Santikaram Association Slovakia. At this special Blog, you may find out the latest news about the activities, projects and achievements of the association.

Become a follower, a close friend, or a member of the growing community. Enjoy every step of hard work and development right from the "kitchen".

And of course, be the first one to share the news with your friends on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

There is nothing to loose, because at Santikaram: we all are the winners.


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Please, support the work of our association by sending a financial donation to our bank account:

Name: Santikaram Slovakia

Acc. No/IBAN: SK9611000000002948131901


Message to the recipient: donation

Address: Stranske 290

               013 13 Stranske


Address of the bank: Tatra banka, a.s.

                                  Hodzovo namestie 3

                                  811 06 Bratislava 1


Thank you for helping us to change the world for a better place!

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